When do you operate?

Our tours generally operate on weekends and selected weekdays. For current tour times please check adventurekayak.com.au/kayak-tours.

What kayak tours are currently operating?

We are currently running two tours at Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. Please check adventurekayak.com.au/kayak-tours for current booking availability.

What SUP experiences are currently operating?

We are currently running one SUP experience in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary. Please check adventurekayak.com.au/SUP for current booking availability.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers per tour?

Minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 people max, dependant on tour. You can book for one person only.

What is the minimum age for your tours?

• Dependant on the tour, children as young as 8 can attend. Please check the minimum age requirements for the tour you are booking on to.

• Children 8+ but under 12 years must be in a double kayak with an adult

Who supervises my child when participating?

• Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

• We will conduct the activity for your child, however you must take ultimate responsibility.

• We will remove your child from the activity if they are deemed to be non-compliant and or a safety risk.

Do you hire kayaks and SUPs?

We certainly do! Our kayaks and stand up paddle boards are available for hire from Garden Island. Please check adventurekayak.com.au/hire-equipment for prices and bookings.

What type of kayaks will we be using?

In general, we prefer to use double kayaks for our participants (this is a must for adults with children). If you book as a single participant, we can arrange a single kayak. Single kayaks have a extra charge on booking.

When is your office open?

• Our office is in the city and we are open 9am – 5pm on Monday – Friday. Our office is not open during the weekend, but you can call our office number to be transferred to our emergency contact.

• Our phone number is 08 8472 0922.

• As all the information about our tours is online and bookings are all made online, we only accept emergency calls for legitimate issues.



How do I book in?

• You can book your ticket online at: adventurekayak.com.au. Adventure Kayaking SA uses a third-party secure booking platform known as Rezdy. All bookings go directly to Adventure Kayaking SA.

• Session times show what is available. If availability appears in the drop down for the day you want, then go for it.  If not, please select another date.

Can I pay after or when the session finishes?

All booking must be paid for in advance.

Can I pay with cash?

• All tour/hire bookings are made online and are paid for with credit/debit cards.

• Please contact us to arrange alternative payment options.

Can I purchase a gift card?

You sure can! All tour and hire gift cards can be purchased from our website on adventurekayak.com.au/gift-vouchers.

I booked the experience through an online agent and their terms seem different?

Please contact the online agent that you booked through if you have any questions about the terms and conditions relating to your booking.

What else should I know about my booking?

• You will be emailed a waiver to sign two days prior to your booking. You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your booking.  If you arrive late, you will miss your session.

• We are very strict regarding safe participation. If you are deemed to be acting in an unsafe manner or non-compliant you will be removed from the activity and lose your booking.

Confirmation of your booking

• Only processed bookings can be accepted. This means you book online and then receive the full details via email immediately following the payment of your booking. If you do not receive this, please check your junk mail. If you still have not received an email, please contact our office straight away.

• Once you receive your email, please review the details of your booking, taking note of the starting time and location map.

• Please check the terms and conditions included to ensure you have no surprises. We will contact you via email up to the day prior to your tour if any changes affect your booking. Please contact us if you will not be checking your email or have any concerns about these details.



Where do I meet for the Dolphin Sanctuary kayak tours and SUP experiences?

Tours, hires and experiences depart from the Garden Island Boat Ramp and Reserve, Lot 204 Garden Island Road, Gillman.

Please note participants must make their own way to Garden Island. We do not offer shuttle or transport services to this location. We recommend driving (free carparking available onsite) or booking a taxi/rideshare service as there is no public transport close by.

What is the kayaking route for the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary?

The Kayak Tours can be up to three hours of fun exploring the Dolphin Sanctuary and Ships Graveyard Maritime Heritage Trail. This is one of Adelaide’s “secret spots”, it is an area of surprising beauty. The sheltered mangrove lined creeks are home to a fascinating array of marine life, birds and the Port River Dolphins. The Ship’s Graveyard is a unique feature of the area with spectacular relics from the past which have been abandoned in the river. All these make for an amazing adventure and kayaking is the most environmentally sensitive way to explore and interact with the dolphins. When the Port River Dolphins come to play it is a memory you will treasure forever!

Is there a toilet at the tour location?

There are public toilets at the start location of the tour. We advise using the facilities before starting the tour.

What experience level is required?

Our tours and experiences are designed for a beginner level tour (but you don’t have to be a beginner to still have fun) and are suitable for all levels of experience and fitness.



What is the kayaking route for Rapid Bay?

The tour begins on the beach at Rapid Bay and after instruction on safety, paddling and fitting of the gear we are off to visit isolated beaches, mysterious sea caves and view seals, sea lions and sea eagles that inhabit this area. Exact route may be affected by weather conditions at time of tour.

What experience level is required?

Our tour is designed for a medium to experienced level kayaker.



What weather do you operate in?

We operate in most weather conditions, including rain. We have been doing this a long time and understand safe operating conditions. If we are concerned, we will stop, pause, delay or shorten the session for a break in weather.

If we assess the weather to be unsafe, Adventure Kayaking SA may have to cancel or postpone/delay the session. We will attempt to do this prior to the day. On the actual day of service, weather conditions may still require our immediate intervention.

Extreme weather conditions where Adventure Kayaking SA may have to cancel, or postpone/delay include:

• Fire Danger Ratings where it is extreme or catastrophic in the tour locations or if there are any fires near the tour locations that would make it unsafe

• Severe thunderstorms & lightning

• Extreme temperature (hot or cold)

• Severe wind

• Flooding 

If we have to change the session, we will offer the next time slot or provide the opportunity for rescheduling.



What is your cancellation / change of date policy?

Full refund: Full refunds and/or cancellations will be given only if they are made at least 72 hours before your scheduled booking. No refund will be given for any cancellations after the 72-hour mark. For the full cancellation policy please check your terms and conditions on your booking form.

Change of Date: Changes to bookings can be made up to 48 hours before your scheduled tour is to run. To change your booking please call Adventure Kayaking SA on 08 8472 0922 or email bookings@adventurekayak.com.au

• 48 hours or less till your booking: No changes or refunds will be made at this time.

What happens if I need to cancel on the day?

• Adventure Kayaking SA operates a no-refund policy for all cancellations within 72 hours, non-attendances, late attendance, and failure to participate.

• Management reserves the right to make exceptions if it chooses.

• If in the instance, Adventure Kayaking SA needs to reschedule due to safety (extreme weather conditions etc.) we will offer to reschedule your session to another available timeslot or, as a last resort if this is not possible, we can provide a refund.

What if I get there and am too scared to participate or need to stop part way through?

That’s okay, it happens sometimes and good on you for coming along and giving it a go! However, if you are not able to start or complete the tour because of fear or you change your mind, please note tickets are non-refundable.

What happens if I arrive late?

• We have a very tight schedule. If you arrive late, you will likely miss out and lose your booking.

• We ask people to be there 15 minutes before hand to prevent this.

• Please note that if that happens tickets are non-refundable.

What happens if you, Adventure Kayaking SA, cancels a tour or service

• Adventure Kayaking SA reserves the right to cancel a tour or service at any time prior to departure should operational considerations outside of its control dictate (i.e. mechanical breakdown, staff sickness).

• If this occurs, you can transfer to an alternate departure date or alternatively receive a full refund of your booking price.

What happens if I’m sick on the day?

• Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable on the day of your tour.*

*In compliance with the current COVID-19 pandemic, participants who are sick on the day of tour can contact our office to reschedule their experience.



Are you safe?

• We definitely are!

• We only use staff trained in the correct qualifications for the activity.

• We carry out daily inspections of the equipment being used.

• We conduct more intensive quarterly inspections and maintenance.

Can I participate if I have had a few alcoholic drinks?

• The short answer is no. Safety first!

• We reserve the right to refuse access to the tour should you be deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, show aggressive, dangerous or threatening behaviour.

• It is your responsibility to participate safely and not be intoxicated, and you must sign a waiver that you have not had a drink.

What about Medical conditions?

• We would like participants to be free of any medical conditions, that could be worsened by physical activity.  It is your responsibility not to book into a session if you have any of these conditions.

• We recommend that you consult a health professional if you have the following, before


• Pregnancy • Dislocations
• Heart Conditions • Diabetes
• Recent Sprains or Muscular Injuries • Epilepsy, especially PSE.
• Back Pain or Chronic Back Pain • Prosthetics- includes Cosmetic Implants
• Panic/Anxiety Attacks • Neurological Disorders
• High or Low Blood Pressure • Disabled or physical impairment
• Bone Disorders • Fragile Skin

** Please note this does not necessarily exclude a person from doing our activities.  However, Adventure Kayaking SA reserves the right to deny you access to the activities if you aggravate any of the above conditions and if we, acting reasonably, are not completely satisfied that it is safe for you to participate.

How do you take care of hygiene with equipment?

Where it is safe we disinfect all our equipment

Can I use my own kayak for the tour?

For safety reasons we only allow the use of our own kayaks that have been certified by our Risk Assessment Manager.

Can I use my own PFD (Life Jacket) for the tour?

No, for safety reasons we only allow the use of our own equipment.

What about environmental impacts and sustainable practices?

• We firmly believe in leaving no trace when we’re out and about in our beautiful state.

• To borrow a phrase – we take only photographs and leave only footprints.

• We take all our rubbish with us (and pick up rubbish if we find it) and we leave wildlife alone, we don’t feed them or try to pat them.

What sort of qualifications do your guides and instructors have?

• At Adventure Kayaking SA, our staff have a large number of skills and qualifications required to safely provide our activities to you. We believe it is extremely important for our staff to stay current with their qualifications whilst continuing to increase their knowledge and understanding.

• For information on the qualifications that our staff hold, several of the qualifications are listed below:

• Paddle Australia

• Bushwalking Leadership South Australia

• Professional Association Climbing Instructors

• Survive First Aid

• Australian Sailing




What do I need to bring?

• Clothes and footwear you don’t mind getting wet (usually just some splashes from the paddle)

• Dress for the weather and assume you will get a bit wet from the paddles

• Towel

• Hat

• Sunscreen

• Sunglasses

• Strap for glasses

• Water bottle

• Camera or phone if you want to take photos, if your camera is not waterproof a dry bag is recommended

Should I bring a towel in case I fall in?

• In the unlikely event of you falling in, bring a towel along just in case.

• We prefer to use 2-person kayaks as these are easier to use and virtually impossible to capsize. If you’re in a single kayak, they are also pretty hard to capsize, so you should be fine.

What should I wear?

• For all our tours don’t wear anything you’d be worried about getting dirty!

• Closed toed shoes are a must.

• Think sun-smart clothing – long pants are a good idea and best suited to most activities. Hats are also important!

• You will be moving, so active, outdoor style clothing is best

What happens if I lose my phone, tear my clothes, etc?

You are responsible for your personal items. Adventure Kayaks SA does not take responsibility for the accidental loss or damage of your personal items.

Can I take photos?

• You sure can!

• Adventure Kayaking SA is not liable for any damage that may be incurred should it fall off or be damaged while you are undertaking an activity.

• If you’re kayaking we recommend that you take a dry bag or take a camera with water-proof housing, just in case of water splashes or in case you drop it overboard accidentally.

• If you share them on social media, please tag us @adventurekayakingsa, we love seeing your pics!

• While we’re talking about photos, sometimes Adventure Kayaking SA will capture photos and videos during a tour to use for advertising or promotional purposes.  Consent is gained when you sign the online waiver.  If you take a photo, please check if other participants are ok with it.

Can I wear a GoPro?

• Absolutely, as long as it is securely attached and doesn’t impact on your safety or the safety of your equipment.

• Adventure Kayaking SA is not liable for any damage that may be incurred should it fall off or be damaged while you are undertaking an activity.