Kayak Lessons

Kayak Lessons

Kayak lessons are a valuable way of learning how to use a kayak safely. Adventure Kayaking instructors are fully qualified with Australian Canoeing Inc. and have the skills to ensure you learn in a non-threatening and fun environment and learn how to do it right!

Good Kayak technique avoids injury

A recent survey by Australian Canoeing found that the main reason why paddlers gave kayaking away was the pain associated with chronic, long term injury brought about by poor technique and out of date instructional methodology. Get the best advice from the first day on the water and enjoy the health, fitness and lifestyle benefits of paddling for years to come…bad habits only get harder to break.

Kayak Safety Lessons

Safety is most important in kayaking at any location but South Australia’s beautiful coastline can be hazardous as can the River Murray, Lower Lakes and Coorong.

Be safe from the first time you go on the water by taking a kayak lesson with us.

Private Kayak Lessons

Many paddlers prefer individual tuition in specific skills or techniques at a time and place to suit their busy lifestyle. We will discuss the type of paddling experiences you are planning and devise a program to give you the skills and confidence to go paddling in safety and with style. Tuition is available mid week as well as weekends. If you want to gain accreditation we can prepare you for all of the Australian Canoeing Awards and assess you up to and including Kayak Instructor.

Small Group Kayak Lessons

4 people max.

Flatwater Kayak Fun

This is a 3 hour course introducing you to the basic techniques and safety aspects of having fun on lakes, slow moving rivers and calm coastal areas. If you are paddling on West https://onhealthy.net Lakes, the Port River, the River Murray and want to do it right, have confidence and be safe… this is for you! Spend 2 hours with your instructor developing and refining your skills and then go exploring the beautiful Garden Island environment to practice . The lesson is limited to 4 people so you will get personalised attention. The course can include:

  • Basic kayak design, fit out and essential safety equipment
  • Posture and balance,
  • Launching and landing in varied locations
  • Kayak control skills (forward & reverse paddling, turning, supporting)
  • Wet Exit
  • Simple self rescue techniques
  • Deep water partner rescues
  • Weather and environmental basics

Coastal Kayaking Lessons

Once you have developed some basic skills you will want to do more, travel further and to new locations including our beautiful coastline.
In Coastal Kayaking we improve the skills you have already developed and built your confidence in rougher water. Improved technique will also reduce the chance of injury and see you get maximum benefits (health and fitness) from your paddling adventures. This is a full day course generally conducted in the Victor Harbor area. This lesson is limited to 4 people allowing intensive personalised instruction. Call us to register interest in this course. This course can include:

    • Refinement of all kayaking control skills
    • More advanced recovery from imbalance…so you won’t need to wet exit and rescue yourself
    • Partner rescues
    • Safety in the surf zone/rough water
    • introduction to eskimo rolling
    • Basic trip planning

Other Kayaking Lessons

We also offer instructional sessions on:  

    • Eskimo Rolling
    • Rough water skills and surf kayaking

Booking a Kayak Lesson

The lesson fee includes quality single kayaks, paddles and buoyancy vests (PFD).
Lessons can be booked online or by phone.